A rant and my new ranty top

Every winter I do it. I buy another knit and then I am disappointed or thoroughly cheesed off because the bloody thing has pilled! Every winter I tell myself that I will not buy another knit but winter comes around again and I get sucked in, this year its no different. I bought a gorgeous knit, the label says Merino wool, its a decent  brand, (so I’m assuming its decent quality) love the colour, style and its so soft and snugly. But I’ve only had it a month, haven’t washed it and its pilled all over. Grrrrrrrr! So, instead of getting the razor out like I normally do (although I will probs still do this) I got my revenge by copying it!! I’m calling this my “Ranty” top because it began with a big rant.


Excuse the creases, I’d been wearing it all day before I could rustle up anyone to take some photos. Big thanks to the munchkin for the photos!!

Its a pretty simple style, basically two squares with some sleeves attached. The ‘square’ does grade down a fair bit on the shoulder but other than that it was pretty straightforward. Apart from the hole for the neck its exactly the same front and back. For the neck I used some of the fabric to make a self binding and I did all of the top-stictching with my twin needle. The front and back flaps  at the bottom I lined with some poly lining from the stash because I felt it would have been too bulky to have two layers of fleecy there.

I used some gorgeous merino fleecy from the Fabric Store and I know this fabric washes and wears really well because I’ve used it here.

IMG_4715 IMG_4716



Self-drafted pattern inspired by a rtw top. Merino fleece and cotton from the Fabric Store. Scrap of lining from the stash



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