I’ve been watching other sewists participate in this fabulous idea for a couple of years with great interest. I love seeing how they mix their hand made creations in with their off the rack things. This year I’m making the pledge.

‘I, Eliza, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’15. I endeavour to wear at least one item of clothing made by me each day for the duration of May 2015’.

So, I’m basically pretty lazy style-wise, my go-to outfits tend to be jeans and a t-shirt/top or pullover/jacket. I wear black skinny jeans way too often (especially to work) when I do actually have nice hand made skirts in the wardrobe. So apart from wearing something me made in May I’m going to try not to rely so much on my jeans. I’m a bit scared, I love my jeans but this is a challenge after all. Wish me luck!!

I’m not going to post a daily pic of the things I’m wearing but I will do a weekly round up of the things I’ve worn. Check it out below. (Sorry about the crap selfies – I know I’m going to get better at these)

Friday 1st May


Boiled wool Burdastyle hoodie, purchased jeans and t-shirt.

Saturday 2nd May

Image 2 Image 1

Leggings made with fabulous printed ponti knit from Tessuti’s, check out the bunnies on the back. Purchased jumper & t-shirt.

Sunday 3 May

Ranti top and jeans

Monday 4th May

Image 3

Scout tee in printed cotton sateen from Tessutis, purchased pants, love these pants and have worn them pretty thin. Me thinks they are not long for this world cause I’m gonna pull them apart to draft a pattern from them, when you find a pair of pants that fit………..

Tuesday 5th May

Image 4

Ranty top is a self-drafted pattern out of some gorgeous merino wool fleecy from Fabric Store and skirt is Burdastyle pattern from 09/2010 in black ponti from Clegs.

Wednesday 6th May

Image 5

Jacket is a Burdastyle pattern 119 from Aug 2009 made with some beautiful wool from Tessutis. Purchased shirt and jeans.

Thursday 7th May
No photo today, I spent the entire day in bed sick and not wearing anything made by me. I have noticed a gaping hole in my hand-made wardrobe though because I had to wear hubby’s track pants. I have no comfy laze around slouchy pants. How lux would a pair of hudsons be in some beautiful merino fleecy?? Fabric store has a 20% off sale at the moment. Mmmm………

Friday 8th May


This is a Burdastyle pattern from September 2012, pattern number 106 in some wool jersey from Rathdowne Remnants, jeans again.

Saturday 9th May

Image 1

Riding along in my Scout tee honey, dadadadadaaa da da da da dada. Why is this old song stuck in my head. It came out before I was even born, its also really funny. Check out the guy with the bouncy suspension – cutting edge for 1970!
Wearing a scout tee in printed fabric from the Fabric store and a self drafted wool coating top, yep jeans again.

As a bit of a round up – I’m not doing very well with the not relying on my jeans so much, at least I didn’t wear my black skinny jeans for a whole week! I need to make some pants I think, and definitely some tracky daks.

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