Mia tunic dress

A new beach dress was in order, we went off on a beach holiday in July to escape the Melbourne winter but would you believe we had so much fun relaxing and playing I didn’t take any photos of this dress while we were away. So I’ve had to wait for the weather to warm up before I could take any photos here.

I had been wanting to make this dress for a while and a beach holiday was the perfect excuse!! I love the frilly sleeves on this dress. In fact I love them so much I decided to add a matching frill to the bottom of the dress too. I shortened the dress by 16cm before I added the frill.

This is a great pattern, only had one problem with it – the pleats. I just couldn’t get them to look right and I went back to the paper pattern piece and discovered why – the markings weren’t even, some of them were out by as much as 5mm, grrrr. What I should have done was trace a new pattern piece and carefully measure out some new pleat markings in but I had wasted enough time unpicking and re-sewing already so I just used my iron and judged it by eye. It worked out better but not quite perfect. I will use this pattern again cause its so cute, but I will make a new yoke pattern piece with the correct markings on.
The fit is fantastic, loose and flowy  – perfect for an over the swimming costume dress. I used a really light cotton voile which is perfect for this purpose and it is so cool.

Apologies for the wet black bikini underneath but it is a beach dress after all!

IMG_2297 IMG_2281IMG_2283



Cotton voile from Rathdowne remnants, Tessuti Mia tunic pattern, buttons from Jimmy buttons in Fitzroy, cotton thread

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