Hudson pants

Bit late to the Hudson pants party but here they are!

I used some jersey left over from the lining of little madams bomber jacket,  as well as some green ponte knit left over from some pants I made for me, for the cuffs.

These were insanely quick and simple to cut and sew up – gotta love that. Also I have been sewing quite a bit lately using Burdastyle pattern magazines and while I love the patterns and styles, the instructions can be a little mmmm shall we say, confusing? To the point where I just ignore them and plod away working it out as I go along. The Hudson pant instructions and diagrams are so easy to follow and I was so relaxed, I was practically meditating. Ha ha, not really but the diagrams and instructions really are great.

Great to note that Kelli from True Bias has a mini version of these pants out now, pretty sure I’m going to get a request for these from the Munchkin soon!!

IMG_4097 IMG_4098 IMG_4095 IMG_4090 IMG_4087 IMG_4082



Cotton jersey from Spotlight, ponte knit, cotton, elastic and white cording.

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