Ribbit ribbit!!

I love this colour and when I bought this gorgeous green merino wool from the fabric store I had no idea how I was going to make it up. I ended up using Vogue 1467 which is an old one that I don’t think is available anymore.




So, I used view b and altered it quite a bit. I brought it up at the neckline because its quite low cut, took the sleeves in, those flared sleeves would be seriously draughty in winter. I also took it in along the fold line on the back and front by an inch so its not so wide in the shoulders. I also made it longer at the front and back. This pattern gives instructions for using bias binding made from the same fabric which gives it a very nice finish I think.
I love the way this top has turned out and its great to layer under and over for winter but, I think its just a bit baggy at the bottom of the front and next time (cause there is definitely gonna be a next time!!) I think I will take it in a bit here as well.

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