The very large pyjamas

Some new winter pyjamas were in order but these ones ended up being a bit of a comedy of errors. First Little Madam picked out a lovely giraffe patterned fabric at Lincraft but silly me only bought 3m of this not very wide flannelette fabric. I know, I should have checked the pattern first!! Anyway, I  went back to try and get some more but they were having a closing down sale and there was none left but, I bought some lovely orange chevron instead. I also forgot to buy buttons but I have a jar of assorted pastel coloured buttons that Little Madam went through, she picked all of the banana coloured ones out even though they are all different sizes!! I just had to make sure I matched up all of the different sized button holes.

The last time I sewed pyjamas for Little Madam I made the size up from the correct size for her age but she seemed to grow out of them so quickly that I was determined not to have to be sewing extensions into the new ones so, I went up two sizes.

Mmmm…… I don’t think I need to worry about her growing out of these ones so much as will she actually grow into them before they’re threadbare!?!

Never mind she loves them and the legs are so long that she says they don’t ride up over her ankles in bed the way jimjam bottoms normally do. Gotta be happy with that!!





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