Time to get this space sorted

This is my sewing cupboard and yes underneath all of that fabric is a desk!
After much gnashing of teeth and putting up with having no room to sew on my desk I have decided to try and tidy up this mess!

So now I have a tidy desk and I can finally put the extended bench thingy that came with my sewing machine on. Yaaaaaaay!!

But I still have the stash and here it sits on the floor of our dining room shaming me into staying away from my favourite fabric shops until I have cleared at least some of it.
I did consider (fleetingly) banning myself until I have cleared the stash completely but seriously, who am I kidding? We all know thats one ban I could never ahere to.


So, my sewing cupboard is all tidied up and most of what I have left on the shelves is left-over bits and peices from other projects.
Am I the only sewer who keeps every scrap from every project ever made on the off chance I might actually use it?
I do use some but there are some very old scraps there.

Speaking of which check out the cute baskets I made for the girls to keep their sewing stuff in.

Version one, made with some left over stretch cotton sateen, turned out a little small with handles that are a little too large.


Version two, again left over cotton from a skirt, is a bit taller, with smaller handles and I even put a couple of pockets on the lining for scissors and needles. Having the handles on the sides makes it less awkward to lift off the shelf as well. I lined both with some lovely hankie linen left over from making pillow cases.



IMG_3568    IMG_3567

So the girls are very happy to have some ownership of my sewing cupboard and I’m happy their stuff is all in one place and easy for them to find. Its a win win!!!

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