Pink and Black Evening gown

IMG_5357 IMG_5367

I used Vogue 8241 for this and I must say it looked a heck of a lot better on the model in the two-dimensional sketch. It came together beautifully and I absolutely love the top of this dress (I’ll be keeping this in mind for a pretty summer top pattern) but the lower half was really ‘full’ and I felt a bit matronly in it.

The elastic doesn’t pull it in tight enough to cinch the waist in so I ended up unpicking it and taking quite a bit of the bulk out of it – about 8cm on each side at the waist of the skirt. And because I liked the top half so much I decided to make it a skirt and top combo so I can wear the top part separately with a skirt or high waisted pants. I made a 3cm wide waistband for the top and bottom and I put an invisible zip in the skirt. I thought I could put an invisible zip in upside down to close the gap to the waistband but it stuck out in a funny way so I just left it open.


Finished off with a wide black belt and I don’t think you can tell its two-piece. Having the top half on a waistband instead of just tucking it into the skirt means that the gathers stay even and it doesn’t come un-tucked if I lift my arms up. (Essential if you’re busting a move on the dance floor at a wedding)


I made this for my cousins wedding and even though it took longer – as in I felt like it was never going to be finished – than I planned I think the result is pretty good, and versatile too. I have a lovely black skirt I can wear the top with and now I have an excuse to make these babies to go with it too!!

Silk georgette for the main, with silk habutai for lining.
Invisible zip, cotton and a beautiful swarovski crystal button.


  1. Hi Eliza, Just had a peak at your new Blog. Congratulations and I look forward to seeing more as time goes by. This is the first time I have entered the “world of Cyber networks” never been interested……maybe this is a start of a “new lifestyle” for Mrs. Margaret xx
    Hi Annabella and Sophia…… Love to you both xx

  2. Hi Eliza. The fabric is a brilliant choice. Not only does the silk drape beautifully, but the pattern on the fabric looks like it was designed for this dress. Very clever. You look awesome in it. Modern elegance!
    And I love how you split it in two….

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