Tap shorts

Ooooooh these shorts are so cute!

I made these gorgeous tap shorts from the tap shorts pattern on the Katy and Laney website. Downloaded it straight to my computer and hey presto here they are.



I made a couple of alterations in that I made them a little longer because Madam doesn’t like short shorts.

They are a little big so they sit a little lower than the waist to allow for her to grow. There’s nothing worse that sewing stuff for kids only for them to have a growth spurt and have them fit for just one summer!

I had some issues with the look of the welt pockets on the inside. I used some fusible interfacing on all four of the facing pieces and its white and the fabric is navy blue so it looked terrible as you can see. Sooooo…. I had a complete panic attack about how bad the inside of these shorts was going to look and feel, that interfacing is scratchy stuff! I unpicked it and cut out two new facing pieces and didn’t apply interfacing – I don’t think it needs it on this part anyway. I used some more lining to make some bias binding and bound all of the edges.

Normally I love a contrast lining and this gold looks great with the navy but next time I make these shorts I’m going to use a matching lining and just overlock the seams because these pockets just seemed to take forever.

IMG_3888  IMG_3889 




Fabric: printed cotton from GJ’s its actually quilt backing and was about two metres wide so we only needed about half a metre. Lining interfacing cotton zip.
Pattern from Katy and Laney

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