Wool crepe from the stash

I shuffled through the stash and came out with some lovely black wool crepe that’s been in the stash so long, as in about 10 years, I have no idea what I bought it for in the first place.

I wanted to make a basic black top that I can wear with any patterned skirt and I ended up using the top of this dress pattern Vogue 1587.


I can’t find it on the Vogue website so it must be out of print, which is a shame because its just so cute!! I’m kicking myself for taking so long to use it. Yep I have a few patterns that I have bought and not actually used yet. Does anyone else have a pattern stash as big as their fabric stash?

It was an easy sew up and I only had to make a couple of alterations, taking it up because I am short in the body and the waist would have sat too low. I just took it in at the seam that is supposed to sit on the waist by 2cm so those sections are smaller than the others but I don’t think its noticeable.


IMG_3861 IMG_3856 IMG_3850

I’m really happy with this top and this is one pattern I will be using again in the summer!!

Black wool crepe from who knows where. Black lining, again from who knows where. The good thing about this pattern was that the pieces are all so small that its easy to cut them from leftovers.
Zip, cotton and hook & eye.



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